Sustainable protein

Sustainable Protein BV is a company dedicated to develop, build and operate protein plants in the Benelux. The Sustainable Protein team is specialized in developing projects with a sustainable focus in the circular economy. Over the past decade, the team has focused on the environmental sectors and developed and invested into various waste to energy as well as biomass production and trading operations.

Sustainable protein would like to have a positive impact on our unsustainable use of fishmeal and deliver natural protein for industrial agriculture, aquaculture and pet feeds. This process will start saving the fish in our seas, optimizing waste-to-nutrient (instead of waste-to-energy) and associated pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions.

Through a systematic industrialised bio-conversion process, existing organic waste nutrients are recycled and transformed by black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae into a high quality natural protein, sold for use in animal, fish and pet feeds.