Comgoed Biomass BV is located in Dirksland (Zuid-Holland-NL) and is active in the collection and processing of green waste streams. Comgoed Biomass provides three types of biomass: wood pellets, wood chips and shredded green. Clients include various industrial biomass power plants, but also customers with semi-industrial biomass plants in use such as farmers, gardeners, swimming pools, saunas, schools and SMEs. Comgoed does not only deliver in Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany. The origin of the biomass products are always known. The products are also accurately checked for quality.

In addition to Comgoed Biomass, Comgoed also advises and delivers in the area of soil improvement with all kinds of compost, such as green compost and organic compost. A third activity of Comgoed is the elimination and sustainable reuse of raw materials and residues; from skins of onions and broccoli stems to starch mash. A large part of this now ends up at the waste treatment facility. Comgoed is committed to providing, together with the customer, a best possible valorisation of these waste streams.

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Comgoed Biomassa BV
Oudelandsedijk 4
3247 LJ Dirksland
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)187 650 004