Week of biobased building materials

Last week the first theme week was organized in The Netherlands by Greenport West Holland on behalf of the project BioBoost for the awareness campaign "More profit, less waste! ' Participants in the tour at the Innovation Center for Sustainable Building (ICDuBo) and at the mini-conference 'Horticulture Residues and biobased building materials" were informed about the use of residues for biobased building materials and the opportunities for the Greenport.

Tour Innovation Center for Suistainable building (ICDuBo)


On Tuesday morning, September 3, participants were informed during the tour at the Innovation Center for Sustainable Building (ICDuBo) about sustainable concepts, systems and product configurations in the field of sustainable building, with of course a focus on biobased solutions.

Mini-conference 'Horticulture Residues and biobased building materials”

On Thursday, September 5th, the mini-conference 'Horticulture Residues and biobased materials' took place. During the symposium, several speakers discussed the possibilities of horticultural residues for use in biobased building materials.

Willem Bottger is in the Center of Expertise Biobased Economy responsible for the research Biobased Building. He is also director of innovation at NPSP, a company that develops biobased, fiber-reinforced plastic products for construction, design, mobility and industry. During the conference he discussed the current use of natural resources in building materials and which values are hereby achieved compared to the 'normal' building materials.

Kees van Wuyckhuyse is an architect and interior designer. He is CEO of GreenHuus, an eco-hotel concept that is completely cradle to cradle and self-sufficient. This concept was further explained during the conference. For example, GreenHuus uses solar modules and solar collectors for the production of energy, and batteries of lead-crystal for the storage of energy.

Jamie Hornis studied Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy in The Hague. At BlueCity she is designer. BlueCity is the incubator for Rotterdam for innovative companies that link their waste streams together. During the mini-conference she gave a trend presentation.

Joost Fat works at the startup Fungalogic, that develops circular thermal and acoustic insulation materials from mycelium and biomass residual flows. He is a lecturer and researcher at the Avans HZ colleges on the expertise Biobased Building, aimed at the development, valorisation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of biobased building materials, with a focus on composites mycelium. The audience was informed about his work in his presentation. You can see the report of the mini-conference in Dutch here.