Van Vliet Contrans becomes Renewi

Van Vliet Contrans has been well-known in Westland for over 70 years. Most people will know them, with their characteristic red trucks and containers. Early 2017, the mother company Shanks merged with Van Gansewinkel. This was the start of a new waste-to-product company: Renewi. Both companies enhance each other, which means they can be even more ready for the future.

This year, they've worked hard on rebranding from Van Vliet Contrans to Renewi. You can see this on the premises, the trucks and the containers, which show less red and continuously more Renewi blue. The employees and premises will stay the same, so not much will change for their customers. What will change are the offered services; strengthened and broadened by the cooperation.

Profile Renewi
Renewi, founded in 2017 after completing a merge between Shanks Group plc and Van Gansewinkel Groep BV, is a leading waste-to-product company. Renewi is ideally positioned to solve some of the most important current everyday environmental issues that society has to deal with. Think of issues such as lessening waste, avoiding pollution and avoiding needless use of finite natural resources.

For Renewi, waste is a way of thinking, it’s a possibility. When Renewi collects someone’s waste, they give it a new life. For the customers, they process a broad variety of waste to become useful products and resources. Examples of this are recycled paper, metal, plastic, wood chips, compost, energy, fuel and other products. With tthe process, they protect the world against pollution, they keep the finite natural resources and they allow their customers to reach their sustainability goals. With their broad range of international expertise, Renewi offers customers an extensive assortment of products, combined with excellent local service and attention.

Above all, the team is involved and enthusiastic about their mission: there is no such thing as waste!

Van Vliet becomes Renewi