The week of horticultural residues and insectbreeding

Residual flows for the bio-based economy offers huge opportunities in the Greenport. But what do these opportunities look like? How can you redeem it? And how to team up with entrepreneurs, governments and research institutions? These topics will be addressed during three theme weeks organised by Greenport West-Holland, and the project BioBoost this fall.

From 7 untill 16 October the second theme week ’The week of horticultural residues and insectbreeding’ was organised. On October 10 a mini-conference took place. This mini-conference was organised together with ImpactCity.


Bicky Nguyen (CricketOne)

CricketOne from Vietnam is supplier of food ingredients for both basic nutrition and sports- and clinical nutrition. For this purpose they extracted proteins from crickets. CricketOne use at the production site in Vietnam among other things intensive breeding techniques, vertical farming and IoT-control and works closely with local farmers.

Bart Nollen (Sustainable Protein)

Sustainable Protein develops, builds and operate protein plants in the Benelux. By means of a systematic industrialized bio-conversion process residual flows consisting of organic nutrients, and transformed by the larvae of the black soldier fly are recycled in natural and high-quality protein. These proteins are sold for use in animal and fish feed.

Thomas Spranghers (Hogeschool Vives)

Thomas Spranghers is researcher at the Flemish College Vives for large-scale breeding of insects, such as the black soldier fly. He will explain in his presentation the study of Vives and Inagro (a Flemish BioBOOST partner) on automation in an insect nursery and the use of horticultural residues with insect breeding.

Sander Peltenburg (De Krekerij)

De Krekerij is located in Rotterdam The Blue City. This company makes delicious, nutritious and responsible products based on crickets and grasshoppers. The visitors at the mini-conference could naturally taste the cricket snacks.

You can watch the video-report of the mini-conference here (in Dutch).