Residual flow tulip growing proves interesting for the cosmetics sector

With the support of BioBoost, it was investigated whether residual flows from the bulb sector contained substances that can be used in cosmetic products. The result is positive and a cosmetics manufacturer is now interested in using an effective extract as an active ingredient in a new product line.

During the cultivation of bulbs, various residual flows are released. In collaboration with Holland Biodiversity, bulb grower HM van Haaster has investigated whether an extract can be developed from these flows which can be used as an active ingredient in cosmetic products. A total of 100 tulip extracts have been analysed from the various plant parts of tulips (bulb, leaf, flower). The results have shown that flower heads of a certain tulip variety meet the criteria set by the cosmetics company (active substances, low toxicity, sustainably grown, use of residual flows).


The cosmetics company is currently testing the extract in a final product. The goal is to have this product in stores by 2021.

The results of the study are summarised in a report (in Dutch). This report is available on this website in the publications section.

For further information: Hein van Haaster, email: