Research on more value out of tomato crop residues

On 4 December 2017 project partners, ILVO and INAGRO visited Renewi to explore together possibilities to gain more value out of tomato crop residues. One of the problems today is the contamination with ropes and clips that complicates further processing. Important steps forward were made in the search for bio-degradable, in this case, compostable ropes and clips. Composting is successful.

At this moment the pollution of the rope fibre prevents the use in the paper industry. Also discussed were possible alternative valorisation routes, taking into account the challenges linked to this type of residual stream. A visit was also made to the composting installations on site.

Snapshot of presentation Peter of Renewi
Loading the drum of the sieve installatio
Sieved rope
Sieved rope
Sieved fraction ready for composting