Report ‘Pilot Cosmetics’

The BioBoost partnership has published a report about the results of a pilot, led by NIAB in the UK, relating to valorisation of crop co-products to produce new products for cosmetics. In the pilot, organic co-products from different origin were tested for their potential as colourants, such as black currant, black berry and walnut.

The following results were obtained in conjunction with several commercial partners:

  • Blackberry and current anthocyanin extracts have shown potential for incorporation into oils to give a coloured oil using lipases and ultrasound.
  • Hair dyeing trials with anthocyanins and purified brown pigments from walnut met with limited success in getting the pigment to ‘stick’ to goat hair samples. A suitable chelating agent needs to be investigated, which can be used in conjunction with the pigment and is safe to use on human hair.
  • A novel method for increasing anthocyanin stability was demonstrated by a trans glycosylation reaction using starch and amylases.
  • There is scope for further research and development into the above.

The report “ Pilot Cosmetics” can be found on the BioBoost website in the ‘publications’ section.