Networking during the Entrepreneurs’ Platform of Plant Products

Mid-September, 12 entrepreneurs came together to share knowledge and experiences about plant products. Peter Olsthoorn from Pothosplant updated the attendees on the crop Dioscorea. This crop develops small bulbs on its root and stem, which contain substances with an anti-obesity function. Other subjects were experiences with cultivation, the cultivation system, the harvest and the necessary trajectory to get Diascorea acknowledged as a natural medicine, in order to release it to the market.

All attendees have experience with or are seriously interested in cultivating substances and creating value out of horticultural waste. Together, they are the Entrepreneurs’ Platform of Plant Products. They get together 4 or 5 times a year, each time at an interesting or inspiring location. Prior to getting together, the attendees share experiences with recent (research) projects, contacts and tips. In between the sessions, they share questions, invitations for meetings and ideas.

The attendees also discussed ideas for the theme of the next meeting. It was a good session and everyone returned home feeling inspired, with new knowledge and ideas.

Entrepreneurs’ Platform of Plant Products