Learning module with climate game ready

The Provincial Technical Institute of Kortrijk (BE) had the scoop and received on 7 November the first lesson pack developed by the BioBoost project. The lesson pack consists of a ready-to-use learning module with a board game. BioBoost partner Hogeschool Vives was responsible for the development of the teaching package, which is intended for pupils in secondary education. In total, 500 games are available for schools for free.

Climate game ' Save our planet '

The board game makes the pupils aware of our influence on the climate and tests their knowledge on the basis of multiple choice questions. These are, for example, about food waste. The better the pupils pay attention during the 2 hour education module, the better they can play the game ' Save Our Planet '. In a playful manner, they can acquire knowledge about biomass used for bio-economy with the game. The game is made in both Dutch and English for young people over the age of 16.