International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed meeting in Madrid (28-29 May 2018)

On the 28 and 29th of May the members of the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) met in Madrid. On the first day a new executive committee was elected with Antoine Hubert (Ynsect, France) as President. As it was the first face-to-face meeting since Inagro became a member, this event was an excellent opportunity to meet the founders behind the larger insect companies in Europe and the new start-ups in this sector. We discussed, amongst other things, the possibilities of waste streams, the problems with legislation and the key focus points of IPIFF the next year.

On the second day there were several presentation highlighting some of the problems the insect industry faces. Including the first presentation of the IPIFF Guide on Good Hygiene Practices that will released to the public soon. This guide encompasses the main keypoints to focus on during production and processing of insects. Alexander Döring of FEFAC also came to the meeting to explain the potential safety risks of the insect production but from a feed manufacturer point of view and the need for share information on possible risk and the need for risk management. Other aspects that were discussed were: the novel food legislation and the EFSA risk profile on insects.


David Deruytter was the 'innocent hand' to count the votes for the new executive committee IPIFF