Four growers launch healthy tea: Theelers

Four Dutch growers launched on Sustainable Tuesday (September 1), a tea with the taste and power of bromelia, basil, curry and laurel: Theelers. According to the growers, the herbal blend is not only very tasty, but is also very suitable for people who want to keep their sugar levels in balance.

The four companies behind Theelers are Gova, Corn.Bak, Kruidenaer and Westlandpeppers. They have come into contact with each other through BioBased Greenport West-Holland, the greenport West-Holland programme that deals with waste streams and plant compounds.. Using an assignment from BioBoost, they investigated how they could develop the tea in such a way that the power of the individual products is best reflected in an attractive tea.

The tea is available in the webshop van Theelers