Creating value from waste flows

During these dark days of the year, it’s best to shine as much light as possible. With that idea in the back of their heads, VIVES organised the first Light-Up café of the academic year. It took place on November 17 in the VIVES Innovation Centre in Kortrijk, Belgium.

‘Creating value from waste flows’ was the first theme in the sequence. The speakers examined several different angles, such as examples of waste flows in the feed industry, as well as the metal and textiles industries.

The VIVES Innovation Centre (VIC) is the college’s beating heart when it comes to research, service and innovation. It’s the ultimate B2B place to open up dialogues with businesses and organisations. Entrepreneurial students and teachers can also go to VIC to build on their creative ideas and launch start-ups. After all, the combination between studying and entrepreneurship is very relevant these days. The centre is completed by an event space suitable for seminars and receptions.

Light-Up café 17 November 2017