BioBoost welcomes three new partners

The Monitoring Committee of the Interreg 2 Seas Programme has approved a project modification in the beginning of September 2018. Two companies Renewi and Greenpack left the project, because of changed strategies and market circumstances and three other companies joined: Tomabel, Comgoed Biomass and Sustainable Protein.

Tomabel is a Belgium cooperation of producers of vegetables and fruits in the Roeselare region. Within the project Tomabel will investigate the opportunities for the processing of horticultural residues for the food market, such as smoothies. The other two new partners are Dutch companies. Comgoed Biomass is located in Dirksland (province Zuid-Holland) and active in the collection and processing of green waste streams. Within the project Comgoed will test small scale chipboard production from green residuals. The results will be used to design and built a full scale production facility after the project. Sustainable Protein is a start-up company based in Breda, that plans to build a so called protein factory. Through a systematic industrialised bio-conversion process, organic waste nutrients will be recycled and transformed by black soldier fly larvae into a high quality natural protein. In BioBoost Sustainable Protein will implement this process in a small scale test facility prior to the building of the full scale factory.

Jeroen Straver from lead partner Municipality of Westland is pleased that the project managed to find these three new partners: “It is not easy to find new partners at such short time. The three new partners fit into the project very well and I think with their participation the project is even becoming stronger. It’s important that the business community is involved to have an impact. There are a lot of opportunities to make new business out of horticultural ‘waste’ and plant compounds, but it are the companies who have to do it!”