A growing number of organizations is active in the Biobased Economy

This is shown by the annual monitoring of the National Entrepreneurial Netherlands (RVO.nl). Both industry and the Government invest greatly on renewable raw materials.

80% SMEs
The report counts 1,258 organisations active in the Biobased Economy. This is more than 13% in comparison to 2015. Approximately 80% are SMEs. All companies are still at the beginning of the commercialization.

They are still busy with research and development. They invested €215 million in 2016 in manpower. The report shows the finest examples of the biobased and circular economy from the regions.

Contribution of Government
Many provinces see the bio-based Economy as a growth market and invest in it. Also the National Government contributes with €38 million via the WBSO scheme. From the Top Sector Policy there is a support of €46.1 million. This public contribution is 11% more compared to 2015. The European Union also supports the development of the Biobased Economy with €4.2 billion from the Horizon 2020 programme. The bio-economy in Europe is significantly with 18.6 million jobs and a revenue of €2.2 trillion.

Support in 2018

The bio-based Economy contributes to the transition to a circular economy. That is why it gets a place in the Government-wide program Circular Economy. Also in 2018 is there support for biobased initiatives in different ways, for example by the MIT-scheme for SMEs.

Added incentive
The Government could develop the Biobased Economy in Netherlands even further. For example, by supporting the marketing of biobased products. Another important incentive is if the Government would buy more biobased.

With the 'Monitoring biobased economy in The Netherlands’ RVO.nl keeps track of the progress of the Biobased Economy in Netherlands. From the data up to 2016 shows that there are already bio-based applications. This mostly concenrns bio-energy. Biobased chemicals and materials are largely in the development phase.

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