Winning of fibers, proteins, sugars and minerals

Developing and testing of a  prototype installation for extraction of plant compounds.

In a pilot a prototype installation will be developed and tested to extract plant compounds that can be used in the paper- and packaging industry, or fertilizers, and in the food and feed industry.

Coordination: Van Vliet Contrans

Update activities 2017

The full attention has been on the separation of  the green horticultural waste (mainly tomato stems and leaves) from plastic wires and clips that are used for fixation to guide upward growth of the plants. These clog the filters of the separation machine. Several techniques and methods have been tested to (automatically) clean the filters, but none of them with satisfactory results. Additional tests are foreseen for 2018.

In addition a discussion is initiated on the use of rapidly biodegradable wires and clips and possible regulation. Possibly in 2018 the use of enzymes will be tested to accelerate the degradation of biodegradable wires and clips.

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