Regional cooperation

Regional platforms are established in the three regions to stimulate the bioeconomy.

In the three regions in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands regional platforms are established in which triple helix parties cooperate in the field of  bioeconomy. The platforms organise supply driven activities such as workshops, presentations, excursions and matchmaking events and provide demand driven support to SMEs such as knowledge or advice. The platforms cooperate with each other, make yearly activity plans and develop and implement a campaign to raise awareness for the idea of a bio economy and its opportunities.

Coordination: Municipality of Westland

Activities 2019

You can find an overview of planned transnational and regional activities here. This overview will be updated regularly.

Activities 2018

The established regional collaborations of the horticultural industry with researchers and public authorities ('platforms') (co) organised 40 activities in 2018 in the participating regions in the UK, NL and BE with in total over 1600 participants from various target groups.

On 21 June the project's 2nd international seminar 'Agro-food waste streams: from cost to source of income' was held in Beitem (BE). The project activities were presented and entrepreneurs shared their success stories with more than 70 people. This was almost double as much as anticipated.

A strategic plan is made that describes background and approach of a ‘Bioeconomy awareness and activation campaign ‘. It will form the basis for further elaboration in activities and an implementation plan. The implementation is foreseen for the period April - September 2019 (exact start- and end date to be decided).

Activities 2017

Instead of setting up new platforms in the three regions the project is connected to existing platforms, in which industry, authorities and researchers cooperate in the field of horticulture and the circular economy. This was thought to be more effective. Together or under the umbrella of these platforms activities targeted at SMEs and interactions of SMEs with researchers and/or authorities have been set up and implemented.

In the Netherlands The Biobased Programme of the Greenport West-Holland has adopted the project.

In Belgium the project was adopted by Flanders Circular

In the UK the project was linked to several platforms, such as the AHDB


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