Proof of concept insect breeding

In the proof of concept, the feasibility of an efficient horticultural waste-to-nutrient solution is tested in a small scale production facility. Black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) will recycle and transform existing local organic waste streams into a high quality natural protein. The results of the proof of concept will be used after the project period for designing, building and operating a full scale commercial insect farm.

This activity will start end 2018.

Coordination: Sustainable Protein

Activities 2018

A site is selected and equipment is determined. Delivery and installation of the materials and equipment is planned for beginning of 2019. The test facility will consist of:

-Storage for receipt and processing organic feedstock
-Bio-secure cages for BSF
-Supply line traceability system
-Equipment for quality & processes control
-Grading, storing, blending and pumping unit

Industrial biology has already been started including the laying and collection of the fly eggs. The flies are kept in climate controlled bio-secure conditions that mimic nature. 

In parallel the design for building and operating a full scale commercial insect farm has started, based on the housing of colonies of BSF in bio-secure cages and extracting the eggs the flies lay.  The larvae will hatch and grow on organic waste before separating the compost residue and harvesting the larvae. The facility is intended to operate as 3 integrated business units: waste supply, fly egg & larvae production and processing.

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