Insect breed

Testing of horticultural waste streams as bedding material for the breeding of insects.

The suitability of various horticultural waste streams will be tested as bedding material for the breeding of insects. These insects such as the black soldier fly or the mealworm could be interesting protein sources for the food and feed industry.

Coordination: Vives

Update activities 2017

New insect breeding cells have been built by Inagro and Vives in Belgium and NIAB in cooperation with Entomics Ltd in the UK. Experiments have started to find out optimal breeding conditions of in particular the Black Soldier Fly and the suitability of plant residuals as growing media.

In Belgium tomato stems and leaves are used.

In the testing phase growers, users and food companies are involved via information and discussion meeting and guided visits.

New insect breeding facility Inagro

An old pigsty adjacent to the aquaculture department at Inagro was assigned for the new insect breeding facility. The floor was concreted and 6 isolated rooms were installed. Through discussions with and visits to important stakeholders the facility was designed. Each room is provided with climate controlling units. Climate control was necessary to upscale the mealworm and black soldier fly breeding. Thanks to these infrastructure knowledge will be build up about the breeding of different type of insects to strengthen the chain.


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