Harvesting techniques

Finding the optimal logistic solutions for harvesting and collecting of vegetable residues. 

In this activity is sought for the most optimal logistic solutions for harvesting and collecting of vegetable residues. The solutions are tested on ecological, economical and social benefits.

Coordination: Inagro

Activities 2020

A report has been published. The report can be found in the publications section.

Activities 2018

The preceding studies are finalised and tests have been carried out. The results are written down in a (draft) report. For 2019 extended and/or additional tests are foreseen. The report will be updated with the results of these tests. The final report will be published on this website during 2019.

Activities 2017

The crops have been selected to investigate harvesting, with the purpose to determine optimal harvesting techniques with a view to possible end use. For these crops an overview of available harvesting techniques has been made.
Also the complete chain from growing tomatoes and peppers and techniques applied to the clearing of greenhouses and the end disposal of waste has been brought into clear view.

A start has been made to identify crop residue specifications, since harvesting machines need to be adapted dependent on the end use. In contact with machine builders test are prepared.

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