You can find an overview of planned transnational and regional activities here. This overview will be updated regularly.


  • Apr 2020

    !Cancelled! Invitation for Final Event BioBoost 2020

    The circular economy is becoming increasingly important for the horticulture (greenhouse) sector. There are many challenges to overcome. Circular entrepreneurship requires innovation and new thinking. The horticultural sector in particular can make a difference and offer solutions for these challenges.The event starts at 12 a.m. with a walk-in lunch and ends at 5.30 p.m. followed by a networking drink. 

  • Nov 2018

    Agri-Tech week seminar: Soil Health and Circular Economy: A Sustainable Future for Agriculture

    At partner in the project NIAB in Cambridge UK the yearly Agri-Tech week will take place with on 9 November the seminar “Soil Health and Circular Economy: A Sustainable Future for Agriculture”. This event is aimed at industry research and growers in horticulture and agriculture. This event is free and open to all.

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  • Oct 2018

    Closing event “Entomatisation"

    Partners of the BioBoost project Inagro and Vives hold a closing event on Tuesday 9 October 2018 in Rumbeke-Beitem (BE) called “Entamatiosation”.

    The consumption of edible insects is widely regarded as one of the measures to ensure the sustainability of food production. In addition, the feed industry sees potential in insects as alternative protein source to supplement or replacement of soy.

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  • Jun 2018

    Seminar circular business: Agro-food waste streams: from cost to source of income

    The horticultural sector produces large quantities of vegetable waste and unsalable fruit and vegetables. These waste streams can form the basis for new applications and products that can generate extra income. Consider packaging material from tomato stems, insect breeding on waste streams and valorisation of fruit press fibers to new food or beauty products.

    During the seminar "Agro-food waste streams: from cost to source of income" on Thursday 21st of June some entrepreneurs come and tell their success story in the bio-based economy with waste streams. The BioBoost project investigates the circular economy. The partners will explain their research.

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  • Nov 2017

    Seminar UK: Saving waste in horticulture: Optimising resources

    10:00am - 4:00pm
    Sophi Taylor Building, NIAB Park Farm, Villa Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24

    Free and open to all, access independent advice and research on reducing crop and food waste and improving resource use efficiency in the horticultural and fresh produce supply chains with a mix of seminars and exhibits at one of Cambridge’s premier event locations.

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