InterregThis project has received funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract No 2S01-038, the province of West Flanders and the province of South Holland.


This project aims to stimulate a biobased development in horticulture in Europe. In Bioboost triple helix partners from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom work together to stimulate the development of a biobased economy in horticulture.

BioBoost addresses the need for an environmentally friendly and resource efficient economy that focuses on horticulture, by using plant resources in a more sustainable, efficient and integrated way. Although the horticulture industry presents multifaceted societal benefits, the need for transitioning towards a biobased economy has been largely overlooked so far.

There is a lot of potential, but development, testing and uptake of green innovations is slow due to the suboptimal interaction between researchers and SMEs, problematic financing and a lack of cross-disciplinary working methods and effective support strategies.

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Insect breed

Testing of horticultural waste streams as bedding material for the breeding of insects.

Tomato processing

Developing and testing of a prototype machine for the separation of the crowns and small stems of unsellable/unsold tomatoes.

Green pesticides

Building and testing of a pilot facility for the production of green pesticides.


Harvesting techniques

Finding the optimal logistic solutions for harvesting and collecting of vegetable residues. 


  • Specific approach to support the transition to a horticultural bioeconomy
  • 3 Regional bioeconomy partnerships that facillitate SMEs (UK, BE, NL)
  • Yearly action plan including regional activities (UK, BE, NL)
  • Bioeconomy awareness and activation campaign
  • Open innovation platform biobased horticulture
  • 9 Pilot activities dealing with horticultural waste streams and byproducts for use for food, feed, green pesticides, materials, pharmaceutics and cosmetics